Structural Engineering

raSmith’s structural engineers provide design solutions to the private and public sectors for new, rehabilitated and retrofitted bridge and building structures. Our reputation for providing creativity beyond engineering is evidenced in our project designs and our ability to solve even the most complex challenges in a simplified and cost-effective manner. Several of our senior staff hold 35+ years of experience.

Our staff’s broad spectrum of experience enables us to set and maintain projects on the correct course. While we certainly draw from our experience, we treat each project individually and don’t rely on past project solutions. Well known for our work in Wisconsin, our staff is licensed throughout the U.S. and has completed hundreds of projects nationwide.

raSmith significantly expanded our position in the building and structural engineering market in August 2018 with the acquisition of Matsen Ford Design Associates. Since 1987, Matsen Ford has worked on projects nationwide in conventional structural system design, cold-formed steel framing design and finish systems design.

Featured Services

Cold-Formed Steel Engineering

Structural Inspection, Evaluation

Parking Structures

Structural Engineering Services

  1. Construction engineering
  2. Fatigue, fracture evaluations
  3. Structural engineering
  4. Structural health monitoring
  5. Structural reliability and safety analysis
  6. Ancillary highway structures
  7. Culverts
  8. Highway, local and pedestrian bridges
  9. Parking structures
  10. Pump stations
  11. Retaining structures
  12. Wastewater treatment facilities
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