UW-Madison Camp Randall Stadium Upper Deck Coating

Madison, WI

Project Overview

Decades of exposure to the elements had deteriorated the surface of the precast concrete tread/riser elements at Camp Randall Stadium. The aluminum bleachers mount to these tread/riser elements that span up to about 30 feet between the massive concrete frames supporting them. In addition to normal rain and snow, the tread/riser elements had also been subjected to the introduction of salt from foot traffic as well as concession items (of all things), which accelerated the formation of rust in reinforcing steel embedded in the precast tread/riser elements.

Bidding documents were produced on a fast-track schedule, allowing work to take place in the 2017 offseason (mid-May until mid-August). Aluminum bleachers were systematically removed by section in preparation for coating and then reinstalled. Mock-ups and field testing ensured products looked and functioned as intended. Strict environmental limitations (mostly temperature and humidity) dictated when the coating product could be installed.

Despite frequent rains, the work was completed on time, in part because the contractor performing the work developed a means for coating materials to be spray-applied rather than rolling them into place. raSmith was on site every week while work proceeded to observe and document the coating installation and concrete surface repairs. Sealant (caulking) removal and replacement between the precast elements were also completed as part of this project.

Take a look at the stadium from a bird’s-eye view, as captured by our FAA Certified UAS Pilots.

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