Structural Inspection, Evaluation

Service Overview

raSmith provides safe, cost-effective and efficient solutions for determining structural deficiencies of existing buildings and infrastructure such as bridges, retaining walls, light poles, culverts and other structures. Through a comprehensive asset management approach, raSmith incorporates survey technology tools with tailored inspection and evaluation services. The extended tool belt provides traditional hands-on inspections to incorporating LiDAR and/or infrared-equipped UAS (aerial drones).

A multi-disciplined team includes NHI certified bridge inspectors, FAA-certified UAS pilots, structural and civil engineers, surveyors and other available disciplines to meet a range of projects. If remedial work is necessary, we assist clients in design and rehabilitation options.

Service Features

  • 3D scanning, modeling

  • Engineering design and specifications

  • Evaluation

  • Infrared-equipped unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

  • Inspection - range of structures including bridges

  • Life-cycle cost analysis, reporting

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