Retail / Mixed-Use

Market Overview

raSmith’s expertise in retail and mixed-use development is founded in a legacy of shopping center site development which began in the 1970s. Today, national developers, owners and franchisees seek out, and repeatedly use, our services on projects nationwide. Our role as a trusted partner is based on the breadth and depth of our real-estate minded staff; our experience in nearly every state in the U.S.; and our reputation for providing quality and responsiveness in a fast-paced industry. Uniquely, we also offer development management services on retail sites nationwide.


raSmith takes a real-estate minded approach to retail development and provides civil and structural engineering services for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of retail. We stay several steps ahead of our clients to anticipate any unforeseen challenges and provide them with forward-thinking solutions. Our nationwide retail portfolio includes restaurants and grocers, small and large format retailers and lifestyle centers.

Mixed Use

raSmith’s civil and structural engineers understand the nuances of mixed-use developments as trends move toward creating unique destinations that integrate live, work and play. We conduct thorough due diligence that uncovers any “unknowns” and turns them into “knowns.” Additional consideration is given as to whether the site will meet the client’s desired mix of housing, shopping, dining and/or entertainment.

Shopping Centers

raSmith’s expertise in shopping center development is founded in a legacy of providing site planning and design services to national mall developers since the 1970’s. Our staff has worked on hundreds of projects and hold licenses in nearly every state in the U.S. We are members of ICSC (the International Council of Shopping Centers) and participate annually as a major sponsor of the CenterBuild conference which is geared toward the design, development and construction of shopping centers.


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