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Client Testimonials

At raSmith we focus on the unique needs of each client and provide a customized approach to projects. As trusted advisors, we partner with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs, uncover the best solutions and deliver quality and responsiveness.

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"I have worked with raSmith on approximately 30 multi-family projects across the U.S. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to others as they are very knowledgeable and collaborative, well respected, always meet our milestones and are great to work with."

Michael Nelson, Associate Principal, Project Lead
Kahler Slater

"Steve (Roloff) thinks outside of the box. I never hear from Steve that he can’t do something. He might say, 'Well, we’re going to have to think about that differently.' That’s what he comes up with, something different. He always has a logical solution even if it’s an out-of-the-box approach. I value Steve's experience and his integrity. I place a lot of trust in him."

Ian Griffiths, AIA, RIBA, LEED AP BD+C, President/Architect
Berners-Schober Associates, Inc.

“Any project team needs to have problem solvers, and that is exactly what Steve Roloff and the raSmith team provide, solutions to problems. As we navigate the economic issues in today’s market, the raSmith team will put solutions on the table that give the contractors options in the market such as wide flange beam design versus traditional joists for industrial buildings, or designing parking structures with double loaded parking to stay within the constraints of a tight site. Whatever the issue, Steve and raSmith think out of the box and do not need a computer program to lead them to the solution. I highly recommend Steve and raSmith to provide structural design for any complex or straight forward design.”

Dave Riley, Chairman
Riley Construction

"Steve (Roloff) maintains a similar attitude as we do at PIDA in terms of providing good client service and being an advocate for the owner. There’s a lot of value in that for us. Steve is always looking for ways to cost effectively engineer things without sacrificing anything that needs to be maintained. He doesn’t go through the motions, but instead analyzes and designs the most cost-effective solution."

Werner Brisske, Principal
Partners in Design Architects

"Based upon my experience with Steve Roloff over the past 30 years with numerous office, industrial and multi-family projects, I consider him as my go-to structural engineer. My experience with raSmith has always been positive. They provide a good balance of creativity with practical, cost-effective and structurally sound design."

Stephen Perry Smith, President
Stephen Perry Smith Architects

“raSmith conducts an annual concrete safety inspection at Camp Randall Stadium. David Boldt teams with the Athletics Department’s mason to inspect and ensure the integrity of all concrete before the start of each football season. The annual report that David compiles every year has become the concrete inspection standard (an example) for UW Athletics, UW System, our Big 10 counterparts and the Department of Administration. raSmith is a dedicated and detail-oriented partner. We thank them for our stellar concrete safety record.”

Barry Fox, Director of Facilities
University of Wisconsin - Madison

"Nick (Decent) is a very good communicator as is Steve (Roloff). The projects we work on are not easy by any means; they are complicated. I appreciate engineers who are very confident and speak out in a timely way to advise us."

Abie Khatchadourian, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Project Manager, Associate

"My working relationship with the raSmith team has been very good. It's always been very positive. raSmith probably has the best cold-formed engineers in the state."

Jason Korb, AIA, Principal Architect
Korb + Associates Architects

"I'm extremely happy with Nick (Decent). He's very easy to work with. He's always up for a challenge and is able to come up with a good solution every time. raSmith is a big company with a small company feel. For a small firm like me, I appreciate that. I like when I can pick up the phone and reach the person with whom I am working."

Chris Jackson, R.A., LEED AP,
CJ Architects

"The structural team at raSmith has been outstanding, great to work with, has a strong knowledge base, and provides a team atmosphere, which is wonderful. We look forward to working with this team and completing several more great projects."

Scott Cieslak, Project Executive

"David (Boldt) is very reliable and responsive. He is always willing to explore options. That is much appreciated in working with David. Overall, our working experience has been very positive. David and his team are always my go-to structural engineers in Wisconsin."

Lee Qu, Architect
HSR Associates

"raSmith is always very timely when questions come up and need to be answered, especially when we get into the construction world where time is everything. Whether it's the review of shop drawings or getting questions from the field answered, it’s always in a very timely manner. Our experience with raSmith has always been positive and productive."

Tim Ruppert, Architect
HSR Associates

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