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raSmith has been providing land surveying services since 1929. We have a heritage in land surveying; an extensive library of survey records; and strong GPS, LiDAR, and UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) capabilities. Our land surveying operations serve the needs of real estate development professionals, the legal community, and state and local government. raSmith has completed more than 500,000 land surveys for a broad range of projects. Our staff is licensed throughout the U.S.

As early adopters of advanced survey technologies, our geospatial services include static LiDAR (3D laser scanning), UAS mapping (UAS LiDAR and UAS photogrammetry), UAS imagery, and hydrographic (bathymetric) surveying. raSmith works on projects throughout the United States. Our in-house expertise includes a team of more than 30 individuals including professional land surveyors (P.L.S.), geospatial experts in LiDAR and UAS, 3D modelling specialists, FAA-certified UAS pilots, and project managers. We provide surveying services from our office locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and California.

Why Use raSmith as Your Land Surveyor?

raSmith has a reputation for delivering site surveying projects on time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

  • Rapidly, precisely, and cost effectively capture site data.
  • Take the time to get to know and thoroughly understand our clients’ needs.
  • Choose the best survey tool to accomplish the project, including GPS, robotic total station, static LiDAR, and UAS.
  • Transform field data into high-quality deliverables including 2D plans / elevations, basic 3D models, and BIM / Revit models, among others.
  • One of the largest land survey firms in the state of Wisconsin and the Midwest.
  • Unparalleled history of land surveying in Wisconsin with records dating to 1929.
  • Early adopters of LiDAR (3D laser scanning) since 2003 and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) since 2014.
  • Several FAA-Certified UAS pilots in house with extensive experience in a variety of applications.
  • Licensed professional land surveyors who work in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Iowa.

Why Is It Important To Survey Land?

Surveying is the process of locating and mapping features on the surface of the earth. A survey may be needed for many reasons, including:

  • Flood plains, wetlands, and other environmental issues that affect the use and value of a property.
  • Encroachments of improvements across property boundary lines.
  • Easements that restrict where buildings and other improvements can be built.
  • Legal access from the property to a public street.
  • Legal descriptions that do not work mathematically.
  • Field monumentation that does not agree with the required legal description.

Land Surveying Services

  • Boundary surveys
  • Certified survey maps
  • Condominium plats
  • Construction staking
  • Control surveying for aerial and LiDAR mapping
  • Easement exhibits
  • Facility record drawings
  • Historic, adaptive reuse surveys
  • Legal descriptions
  • LOMA, LOMR, and elevation certificates
  • Monitoring/deformation surveys
  • Plats of survey
  • Remonumentation surveys
  • Right-of-way plats
  • Structure and building layout
  • Subdivision plats
  • TIF, zoning, and annexation support
  • Topographic surveys
  • Volumetric surveys

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