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Delafield, WI
raSmith provided land surveying, site planning, site design, civil engineering, traffic and parking studies, and landscape architecture for Delafield, Wisconsin's first mass timber development, The Grain.
raSmith took on the roles of both the engineer of record and the specialty engineer for the 481,933-square-foot Highland Commerce Center in Fort Myers, FL.
From the pavement to pedestrian accommodations, this reconstruction project improved the overall operations and safety of Durand Avenue.
Village of Twin Lakes, Kenosha County, WI
The CTH EM highway resurfacing project provided a widened paved shoulder that would vary in width throughout the corridor and provide a buffer between pedestrians and vehicles in the Village of Twin Lakes, WI.
When this intersection experienced safety issues, raSmith was selected to design the solution—a single-lane roundabout that limited impacts to surrounding areas and reduced construction costs.
raSmith provided transportation and traffic engineering services for this single-lane roundabout to improve safety and operations.
Construction inspection including traffic control monitoring played an important role to keep this resurfacing project on schedule.
Milwaukee, WI
raSmith provided cold-formed steel (CFS) design for the exterior non-load-bearing walls and soffits, as well as the interior load-bearing mezzanine framing at the loading dock for The Trade Hotel in Milwaukee.
raSmith surveyors navigated turbulent water and used a single-point sonar to provide topographic data for a project at the Indianford Dam.
Huntington Beach, CA
This vibrant community destination is situated along the waterfront, where civil engineering services were needed for the development of a plaza area.