Hydrographic Surveying

As part of our advanced survey technology services, raSmith offers hydrographic surveying, enabling us to study the underwater depth of ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Our survey staff utilizes our hydrone (remote control survey boat) to collect data underwater. The hydrone is equipped with a multibeam echo sounder — a sonar system that emits sound waves that bounce off the bottom of a water body and are returned to a receiver, enabling the user to determine water depth.

The ability to complete hydrographic surveys is another step forward for raSmith in providing advanced survey technology services as well as enhancing our watershed planning, design, and construction services.

Why Use raSmith's Hydrographic Survey Services?

As one of the largest survey firms in Wisconsin and the Midwest, our well-established land surveying expertise is complemented by our hydrographic surveying services. A hydrographic survey, also known as a bathymetric survey, gathers data from the bottom of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and streams.

Sonar technology can be coupled with survey-grade GPS to capture underwater data of ponds, rivers, and lake bottom topography. Autonomous or manned watercraft options can be deployed, depending on the project and existing conditions. Our survey staff work with the client to determine the method(s) that will be the most cost-effective, depending on the needs of the client and the project.

A couple of considerations that can impact the cost of the survey are limiting the survey to particular areas of concern (for instance, potential dredge areas) as well as minimizing the data-collection effort in other areas, depending on the particular purpose for the survey and how much information is needed. See this project example highlighting our hydrographic surveying services.

Hydrographic Surveying Services

  • Topographic mapping of water body bottoms
  • Pond as-builts
  • Pond inspection and maintenance
  • Bridge hydraulic surveys

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