Static LiDAR (3D Laser Scanning)

raSmith uses 3D laser scanning to help clients best understand the as-built environment. As early adopters of LiDAR, our staff uses this powerful technology for an array of projects that involve both sites and buildings, interiors and exteriors. Since 2007, we have worked on projects in states across the U.S. Importantly, all of our expertise is in-house.

raSmith’s LiDAR services reach beyond because of our ability to provide survey ground control, ensuring extreme accuracy. By asking clients the necessary questions upfront, we are able to quickly identify if 3D laser scanning, or another survey method, will best suit their needs. Our staff’s ability to match client needs with the correct survey tool is based on our extensive use of LiDAR technology, commitment to sound survey principles, and survey experience dating to 1929. Our focus on accuracy and ability to think outside the box assures our clients that we will deliver the best solution.

What Is LiDAR?

With LiDAR, millions and sometimes even billions of data points are rapidly collected. The point cloud data is digitally converted into high-quality deliverables including 2D plans/elevations, basic 3D models, and BIM/Revit models, among others.

Why Use raSmith As Your 3D Laser Scanning Service Provider

  • Early adopters (2007) of 3D laser scanning technology.
  • Diversified project experience includes site, roadway/corridors, bridges, buildings, industrial plants, utilities, tunnels, and mines.
  • Extensive experience throughout the United States and internationally.
  • Advanced quality control checks include integrating conventional survey control with our 3D laser scanning data collection for verifying the accuracy of the registered point cloud data and making adjustments, if necessary.
  • OSHA-certified field staff, including confined space entry.
  • Trained and fully equipped with harnesses and lanyards for data capture from elevated platforms and roofs.
  • Well known for taking on large, complex projects and completing final deliverables in a very timely manner.
  • Customized final deliverables including point cloud data, 2D plans, 3D models, Revit models, TruView data sets, and Cintoo project sites.
  • Extensive client list includes: civil/site engineers; traffic engineers; structural engineers; mechanical/process engineers; general contractors; MEP designers/contractors; asset owners; real estate developers; utility companies/districts; and local, state, and federal government.

Specific Benefits Of LiDAR Scanning:

  • Much faster in the field than other measuring techniques, capturing millions of data points in just seconds. This speed helps to minimize shut-down times and client inconvenience.
  • More accurate than a tape measure or other handheld tools. Absolute accuracy to within 1/8 of an inch.
  • Captures more data in less time for cost savings. The highly accurate data provides design and construction teams with the best understanding of the existing environment. This results in better designs and construction processes, and eliminates many unforeseen problems.
  • Fully detailed, comprehensive feature coverage has no data voids and eliminates the need to return to the project site for additional measurements or photos.
  • Remotely captures data in hazardous locations to keep field staff safe.

LiDAR (3D Laser Scanning) Services

  • Accident/forensic surveys
  • ADA compliance surveys
  • Building surveys/as-built model creation
  • Complex ALTA surveys
  • Existing condition modelling
  • Facility surveys in inaccessible or unsafe locations
  • Floor flatness surveys
  • Historic structure preservation/restoration
  • MEP infrastructure as-built model creation
  • Monitoring/deformation surveys
  • Revit modelling
  • Roadway and bridge surveys/as-built model creation
  • Structural steel verification surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Wire sag surveys

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