The presence of wetlands on a property can have a significant influence on land use and site development decisions. Our goal at raSmith is to facilitate our client’s project needs without compromising the important values that wetlands provide to the community. Our ecological staff include certified Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS) and WDNR professionally assured wetland delineators that provide more than 30 years of combined experience in wetland delineation, determination and assessment. Our team has performed hundreds of wetland delineations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Our in-house geospatial capabilities include Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by FAA-certified pilots, GPS surveying and GIS mapping, enabling us to provide deliverables that can be invaluable during the early phases of project planning.

Native Restoration

raSmith’s ecologists have worked on numerous successful native restoration design projects, both large and small, throughout the upper Midwest. Many of these have included wetland restoration, which is often necessary to compensate for unavoidable wetland loss. Restoration of native plant communities can have a positive effect on land value and the environment in which we live. Habitat restoration helps clean our water, increase flood storage, provide habitat for native species, offer opportunities for education and research, and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Ecological Services

  1. Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  2. Native planting design
  3. Natural Resource Protection Plans (NRPPs)
  4. Plant community mapping, assessment
  5. Rare, endangered species surveys
  6. Restoration site monitoring
  7. Stewardship plans
  8. Tree surveys
  9. Vegetation surveys including rare plant surveys
  10. Wetland delineation
  11. Wetland functional assessments
  12. Wetland and waterway permitting
  13. Wetland restoration and mitigation
  14. Wildlife surveys

Pike River Restoration

Mount Pleasant, WI