Wetland and Waterway Permitting

The ecological staff at raSmith have assisted many clients with obtaining federal, state, and local permit applications for projects that affect both jurisdictional wetlands and waterways. Throughout our staff’s many years of preparing applications, we have strived to help our clients understand and comply with current regulations while finding feasible solutions that meet their project objectives and protect valuable natural resources.

Defining wetland boundaries early in the planning phases of a project may eliminate or minimize project impacts to wetland and waterways. raSmith’s ecologists not only define wetland and waterway boundaries early in a project’s phase, but are well acquainted with the most common federal and state wetland regulations to help our client’s navigate through the complex permitting process in a timely fashion.

raSmith has developed and maintains a positive working relationship with agency regulatory staff from the USACE and WDNR. We stay current on regulations and procedures that may affect our client’s projects. We also understand that not all wetlands may be regulated under federal and state law; therefore, raSmith coordinates with regulatory agencies early in the permitting process to determine if certain wetlands are considered
non-jurisdictional under federal law and/or meet a wetland exemption under state law.

Our qualified ecological staff is well-versed with Sections 404/401 of the federal Clean Water Act as well as state wetland and waterway regulations. We have prepared numerous Practicable Alternatives Analyses which follow the avoid, minimize, mitigate sequence for wetland permitting. We are also familiar with federal and state wetland mitigation and mitigation banking requirements, and have helped our clients obtain the required bank credits necessary to move their projects forward.

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