Rare Species Surveys and Habitat Assessments

An Endangered Resources (ER) Review request must be submitted to the WDNR’s Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation for most projects requiring WDNR permits. raSmith has certified staff that can conduct in-house ER Reviews.  A determination is made as to which rare species of animals and plants, if any, may be present on or near the site and whether or not a permit will be necessary to conduct certain activities. 

raSmith’s ecologists have submitted numerous ERR requests to the WDNR to determine the potential presence of endangered or threatened species. We also have certified staff to conduct ER Reviews in-house with sign-off from WDNR.  We understand that the species’ requirements and community processes are essential for potential ecological impact assessments. We work closely with our clients and agency staff to develop feasible solutions that meet the needs of a project while avoiding impacts to sensitive species.

Our qualified ecological staff has conducted a wide variety of rare species habitat assessments and surveys and have assisted many clients with the WDNR’s Incidental Take Permit process. We have demonstrated the ability to properly identify rare species and have the knowledge to determine if suitable habitat is present for many different species. We have become familiar with numerous surveying protocols, guidelines and techniques, and have implemented proper survey documentation that is often required by the WDNR and other government agencies such as the USFWS.

raSmith’s ecological team has conducted a number of rare species habitat assessments and surveys in recent years including for the Federally Endangered Karner blue butterfly, Federally Endangered/State Special Concern rusty patched bumble bee, State Endangered Blanchard’s cricket frog, State Endangered loggerhead shrike, State Threatened
red-shouldered hawk, Federally Endangered/State Threatened eastern prairie white fringed orchid, and a variety of other animals and plants.

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