E. Centennial Dr. Wetland Investigation

Oak Creek, WI

Project Overview

Wimmer Brothers, a real estate and property management firm, desired to build a new residential community in Oak Creek, Wis. As part of the planning process, they needed to properly identify any wetlands on the 25-acre property and called upon raSmith’s ecologists/professional wetland scientists.

Our ecologists performed a delineation/determination to identify the proximity and extent of wetlands and farmed wetlands on the property. They delineated one wetland and surveyed it via GPS. The remaining agricultural portions of the property were treated differently: Our ecology team conducted a review of Farm Service Agency crop slides from a 15-year period. Identifying farmed wetlands can be challenging, as crops can be farmed during dry years (without using irrigation).

After reviewing photos and making “dry,” “normal” or “wet” determinations, the ecologists concluded no farmed wetlands were part of the property. Wimmer Brothers proceeded with the development that is now Centennial Park.

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