Avoid Delays, Mitigate Risk by Hiring a Wisconsin DNR Assured Wetland Delineator

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ assured wetland delineation program provides property owners and developers with several key benefits:  a high level of accuracy in delineating wetland boundaries for project planning purpose; cost and time savings for the property owner or developer; and enhanced protection of Wisconsin wetland boundaries based on highly accurate wetland delineations. […]

New In-Lieu Fee Program for Wetland Compensatory Mitigation

The WDNR made an announcement on Friday, November 21 that a new in-lieu fee program for wetland mitigation, also referred to as The Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust (WWCT), is now in effect and can be used as a type of compensatory mitigation for impacts to wetlands. The WDNR has been working on the creation of […]

Why Do I Need a Survey?

Why do I need a survey? This is a question that real estate attorneys often hear from their clients. The answer is that there are many reasons. Legal descriptions that do not work mathematically. Field monumentation that does not agree with the required legal description. Flood plains, wetlands and other environmental issues that affect the […]

Funding Infiltration & Inflow (I & I) Reduction on Private Property

Private property is a major source of infiltration/inflow (I & I) entering into dedicated wastewater or sanitary sewer systems. Various efforts are underway in Wisconsin, and nationwide, to not only identify these sources, but develop remedies to reduce the amount of flow entering these systems. An important aspect of these efforts is providing financial assistance […]

Why is Wisconsin (and the Midwest) Square?

When on an airplane or viewing Google Earth, have you observed how roads create a grid pattern?  Have you ever wondered why it is that way? The simplest answer is because land surveyors in the early 1800s established the grid pattern.  But there’s really a more interesting story behind why Wisconsin (and the Midwest) is […]