Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers Keep Roadsides Clean and Green

July 17, 2019

As part of our commitment to the environment, raSmith has been participating in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) Adopt-A-Highway program for 27 years, almost since its beginning. How does raSmith contribute? Three times each year, a team of company employees and their families picks up litter and recyclables along raSmith’s assigned, or “adopted,” highway — a one-mile segment along HWY 164 between Capitol Drive and Watertown Road in Pewaukee. Each outing usually takes about an hour. WisDOT provides safety training and vests, highway signs and trash bags for volunteers.

raSmith Adopt-A-Highway volunteers remove litter along Highway 164 in Pewaukee.

The results have been inspiring! Within the last three years alone, raSmith volunteers have picked up over 300 pounds of litter and recyclables.

raSmith Tradition: Volunteering is Fun

The team enjoys camaraderie, competitions (without any trash talking, of course) and an overall great time while taking part in Adopt-A-Highway outings. Some of the ways that raSmith makes it fun to volunteer include:

  • Team challenges to determine which group can pick up the most trash
  • “Picker of the year” award given to the person who removed the most litter
  • Sharing the most interesting discoveries — cash has even been found
  • Post-pickup social events for drinks and snacks

As another benefit of volunteering in this program, raSmith employees get the opportunity to meet coworkers from divisions across the company and work together outside of the office for an excellent cause.

The Big Picture (and Impact)

raSmith is one of approximately 2,735 volunteer groups in Wisconsin that participate in WisDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program, adopting nearly two-thirds of the state’s 11,800 miles of highway. In 2018, Wisconsin’s volunteer groups collected 144 tons of litter and recyclables!

Since 1990, Adopt-A-Highway has provided the following benefits:

  • Removes litter and recyclables from roadsides in Wisconsin
  • Educates people about the proper disposal of litter and recyclables
  • Supports the environment

Learn more about the Adopt-A-Highway program here and get involved to help make a difference in your community.

About the Author

Justin Schueler, P.E., is a traffic project manager on the transportation services team at raSmith and the company’s Adopt-A-Highway volunteer group coordinator. He has 11 years of traffic engineering experience, including traffic and roundabout analysis, access and circulation evaluation, parking evaluation, pedestrian/bicycle evaluation and safety assessment.

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