One Wisconsin Run/Walk Challenge

October 20, 2020

This past June, the raSmith Wellness Committee kicked off its first run/walk challenge. Employees were invited to partake in the One Wisconsin Run/Walk Challenge. The raSmith team, comprised of 15 employees, was challenged to run or walk the distance around the entire state of Wisconsin, 1,260 miles, in 13 weeks.

Not only did this team meet the challenge, they crushed it! All total, this team logged 1,997.3 miles, 158.5% of their goal. Peaches Senkbeil, accounting specialist, logged an incredible 485 miles. When asked about the challenge, Peaches shared the following:

Why did you participate in this challenge?
“Nothing can be better motivation than a challenge, especially when life in 2020 keeps throwing you curveballs. I’m always up for a good challenge, and my motto is: Never fear to take on a challenge! I think a challenge is the best motivator for anyone if he/she takes that challenge.”

How did you log so many miles?
“I logged the miles by walking our family dog Bailey, sometimes twice a day for 1-2 miles each walk. She has a lot of energy and exercise is a must for her! The rest of the miles were from working out and chasing around our 5-year-old daughter. She also has a lot of energy and is on the go non-stop. I kept track of my miles through the Activity app on my Apple Watch.”

What motivated you to log all these miles?
“What motivated me to log all these miles is that 2020 has been tough! I’ve put myself on the back burner, so when this email came out, I knew I had to do this for me. I needed something to hold myself accountable and to get out of the funk I was in.”

The Fall Activity Challenge, which will run for nine weeks, began on Sunday, October 11 and will end on Saturday, December 12. This challenge is asking participants to achieve at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Good luck to all those participating!

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Wendy Wolfgram has more than 17 years of human resources experience in both publicly and privately held businesses. She has experience in recruitment and manpower planning; employee relations; performance management; compensation, benefit, training and development programs; as well as policy, procedure and handbook development.

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