Market Place at Pabst Farms

Oconomowoc, WI

Project Overview

Built upon 1,500 acres, the Pabst Farms development is growing into a destination where people can shop, work and play. Part of this unique experience is the 12-acre Market Place at Pabst Farms, which consists of a grocery store and many other convenient stores. Purchase a favorite coffee, pick up dry cleaning, stop for a quick haircut, then grab dinner on the way home—all conveniently!

Planning for the Market Place and the entire Pabst Farms development was not as simplified. raSmith’s land development engineers have led the civil engineering and stormwater management plans for the majority of projects built within the development to date. Stormwater management has proved complicated due to the area’s flat terrain, pervious soils and internally drained basins. A stormwater master design was created, as were stormwater management technical standards that have been used throughout the site’s development.

The site’s pervious soils allowed our engineers to think outside the box for a solution, incorporating various stormwater infiltration techniques into the site designs. Water quality swales, bioinfiltration basins and bioinfiltration with engineered soils are some of the techniques used by raSmith’s stormwater engineering experts.

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