Fleet Farm

Oconomowoc, WI

Project Overview

raSmith provided comprehensive land development services for the first major project in the 100-acre, master-planned Pabst Farms Town Centre in Oconomowoc — a 217,000-square-foot Fleet Farm store and fuel station. With a special history, Pabst Farms has upscale, elevated design and architectural standards, featuring a growing community of retail, commercial and residential establishments situated by the thriving I-94 corridor. Among this premier project’s many challenges, the team faced a compressed approval and construction timeline as the client and community held high expectations.

Using a client-focused approach, raSmith collaborated with numerous stakeholders and worked meticulously to overcome challenges, which included accommodating difficult landscape screening and designing the site with a careful cognizance of how the building would fit into the Town Centre’s eventual buildout. Some of the other key services that raSmith provided included topographic surveying, CSM (Certified Survey Map), leading the project through the entitlement phase with the City, construction administration and building structural design.

“The Fleet Farm development in Oconomowoc was one of the most challenging yet successful developments I have worked on in the last 20 years,” said Paul Klister, owner of Commercial Horizons. “The landowner and City of Oconomowoc had a vision for how they wanted the Pabst Farms development to be the respected entrance to their community. The City of Oconomowoc was diligent, thoughtful and receptive to welcoming Fleet Farm as one of the greatest retail/corporate citizens in the State of Wisconsin. The balance of architectural requirements, site planning and supported use for the community is finding its planned success. Our team, including Commercial Horizons, Miron Construction, raSmith, and Stephen Perry Smith, is honored to be a part of bringing Fleet Farm to Oconomowoc.”

This project received a 2018 Top Projects award from The Daily Reporter.

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