Southpoint Commerce Business Park Expansion

Appleton, WI

Project Overview

This project is a 115-acre expansion of the Southpoint Commerce Park located in southeast Appleton, Wisconsin. raSmith provided the geometric layout of the property’s expansion, consisting of 12 industrial lots ranging from 3.48 acres to 12.59 acres, internal roadways, a regional detention pond, wooded wetland preserve, trailhead and parking area.

Before the engineering even began, raSmith’s assured delineators completed a wetland delineation, which allowed us to achieve an understanding of any permitting issues that might surface. Starting in 2015, raSmith ecologists began a two-year effort to delineate 55 wetlands, totaling over six acres in area. We also mapped out high-quality wooded wetlands within the forested area along Eisenhower Drive and worked with the City to set this area aside as a preserve. This will serve as a refuge for wildlife, a conservation area for vegetation and an amenity for businesses located in the business park.

raSmith ecologists worked with the City and State and Federal agencies to secure exemptions for artificial wetlands and in 2020 will be updating the original delineations.

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