Rock Sports Complex Delineations

Franklin, WI

Project Overview

In planning for a new sports complex in the City of Franklin, Milwaukee County Parks needed to determine the locations of both wetlands and woodlands on the property. The site itself has an interesting history: It was once a quarry, then became a landfill that was later capped. Its latest use was as Crystal Ridge, a recreational ski hill.

Working as a valued subconsultant on the project, raSmith’s ecologists identified and delineated two jurisdictional wetlands for potential waterway and wetland permitting purposes. Wetland fieldwork documented both the presence and absence of hydrophytic vegetation, wetland hydrology and hydric soils. They also identified two young woodlands and five mature woodlands, as defined by the City of Franklin’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

After identifying the woodlands, our ecologists performed a GPS survey of the boundaries; McClure Engineering Associates surveyed the wetlands. The woodland and wetland survey findings were essential to the Rock Sports Complex’s site planning process because each of these natural features is protected under Franklin’s UDO and by the state’s DNR.

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