Sugar River Wetland Delineation

Verona, WI

Project Overview

S&B Tubing, a small family-owned river tubing business, desired a new access road/parking area to Sugar River. To make this happen, Green County required the company to complete a wetland boundary delineation, floodplain hydraulic analysis and erosion control plan. The company sought out the assistance of raSmith’s ecologists, water resources engineers and surveyors for the project as raSmith offers all these services in-house and could meet the short timeline allowed.

After completing a topographic survey, our ecologists started to identify wetland areas and their boundaries. With our WDNR assured wetland delineators on staff, this work was swiftly completed. An extremely tight deadline had to be balanced due to flood conditions on the river while trying to delineate the full extent of wetlands as accurately as possible. This produced the best results for S&B Tubing.

The floodplain study, site design and required permitting also were tied to the tight deadline. As the design for the access road came together, it was slightly modified to avoid wetlands to the maximum extent possible.

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