West Side Park Master Plan

Sheboygan Falls, WI

Project Overview

raSmith is working with the Park Board for the City of Sheboygan Falls on a new 36-acre park located on the City’s west side. This is the first new park facility planned for the community since 1977.

The planning began with a public input session that determined the park needed to serve a wide variety of users, as well as be a multi-generational and multi-seasonal park, accommodating the needs of both young and old with active and passive recreational opportunities. Other existing parks in Sheboygan Falls are vibrant and highly utilized by the community, so this new park needed a community building and park shelters rentable for picnics and other community events. Other amenities will include a future splash pad, ballfields, tennis courts and large areas of unprogrammed open space for various activities and events. The existing wetlands will be worked into the design as enhanced natural features, and a walking trail will loop throughout the park.

The City intends to develop the park in a multi-year, phased implementation construction sequence.

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