Neighborhood Parks

in Wisconsin

Project Overview

The City of Brookfield has built several new parks in the last 10 years. raSmith provided site master planning and design, landscape architecture, civil engineering, surveying, structural engineering, and construction services for Imperial Park, Lilly Heights Park, Meadows Park, Mitchell Park (dog park improvements) and Hidden Lake Park. A feasibility study was also completed for a major link in the City’s Greenway Trail system at the south end of a former quarry now called Hidden Lake.

As with any important public project, public input is a very important part of the process. raSmith has conducted public input sessions, presentations and open house events for local residents for each park site. On two of the projects, a neighborhood planning committee was formed to help with the park design and public outreach.

The City’s park system offers excellent walking trails, picnic areas, park shelters, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, play structures and other outdoor amenities. These park sites were all in the City’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.

Parks in Wisconsin

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