Camp Lake Park Master Plan

Salem Lakes, WI

Project Overview

raSmith prepared a master plan for newly acquired seven acres of prime park land on the east shore of Camp Lake in the Village of Salem Lakes. The new park property is connected to the existing 1.6-acre Sunset Oaks Park, which currently has a boat launch and play equipment. The newly acquired parkland has large open spaces; long shoreline; large, mature oak and maple trees; wetlands; and some existing structures that may or may not be adaptively reused for other community park purposes.

The park is primarily used for passive activities such as picnicking, fishing, boating and ice skating. A portion of the lakeshore was a thicket of invasive species, which were removed to allow for native plants to recover and reestablish.

The design team coordinated public involvement meetings along with the Park Board to gather input and to share in the park design. The team also provided cost estimates and a phased implementation plan for the property; identified potential grant funding opportunities for some of the park improvements; and worked with the Village to prepare grant applications for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Stewardship and Recreational Boating Facilities grant programs.

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