Outagamie County PLSS Maintenance Survey Project

Outagamie County, WI

Project Overview

As part of a four-year project, raSmith is providing surveying services to maintain over 1,300 government corners for eight townships and the tie sheet database for Outagamie County. raSmith’s survey crews are performing field reviews to verify the location of each government corner and its witnesses. If a corner or a witness is missing, crews will reset them and draft a new Outagamie County government corner data sheet or tie sheet. One of the challenges includes traversing rugged terrain such as wooded plots and swampy areas to access off-road corners.

raSmith is also collaborating with the Outagamie County Highway Department and each township to perpetuate the government corners for the County’s and towns’ annual road maintenance. This work entails tying off each government corner along with resetting each corner and its witnesses, and drafting new tie sheets after the maintenance is complete in the fall.

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