County EM Highway Resurfacing

Village of Twin Lakes, Kenosha County, WI

Project Overview

County EM (Lake Shore Drive) is a 2.6-mile-long, two-lane rural road in the Village of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. It is a dense residential road that runs alongside Lake Elizabeth and Lake Mary and experiences a moderate amount of pedestrian traffic. Early on in the process, the project team sought to construct an off-road trail to improve pedestrian safety. However, the narrow right-of-way, presence of above-ground and underground utilities, and steep roadway embankments made the trail concept practically infeasible. Therefore, the concept was revised to a widened paved shoulder that would vary in width throughout the corridor and provide a buffer between pedestrians and vehicles. This design necessitated that underground storm sewer and stormwater management also be incorporated since the widening of the shoulder would cause many of the roadside ditches to be filled in. In total, the project consisted of approximately one mile of storm sewer and seven underground concrete structures located throughout the project for stormwater quality control.

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