Calhoun Road Reconstruction – National Avenue to Beloit Road

New Berlin, WI

Project Overview

A large stretch of Calhoun Road in the City of New Berlin was identified for rehabilitation. The approximately one-mile segment from National Avenue to Beloit Road was failing and showed potholes and signs of traverse and alligator cracking—all indicative of structural deficiencies. New and paved shoulders were added to accommodate pedestrians.

With unsafe sight distances, narrow shoulders, steep roadway grades, and stormwater management concerns, Calhoun Road proved to be more than a traditional rehabilitation project. raSmith provided preliminary geometrical and vertical roadway design options to determine the most feasible design (roadway and constructability). The design reduced the roadway grades and lowered the crest of the hill while matching the existing driveways and maintaining access throughout construction.

The project corridor added a significant amount of impervious service area and required an on-site stormwater treatment facility including bioswales. raSmith performed a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis based on the new vertical alignment and provided a storm sewer design consisting of side road culvert crossings with an inlet. raSmith also completed a wetland delineation for the contributory watershed to meet MMSD and WDNR requirements and determine outfall locations to minimize disturbance.

Additional services included developing a right-of-way plat, replacing loop detectors for the signals at National Avenue, permitting, constructability review, coordinating land acquisition, and construction inspection.

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