Oakes Road Reconstruction

Mount Pleasant, WI

Project Overview

raSmith provided civil engineering, surveying, and construction services to the Village of Mount Pleasant for the reconstruction of Oakes Road. This road is a major north-south thoroughfare that stretches from WIS 20 (Washington Avenue on the north) to WIS 11 (Durand Avenue on the south). The Oakes Road corridor was reconstructed north of 16th Street to improve traffic flow, while also accommodating future traffic volumes.

The northbound lane at 16th Street had substandard horizontal geometrics (trap lanes) due to the existing culverts not accommodating the appropriate merging taper. The trap lane was removed and the roadway widened to accommodate two full lanes of northbound traffic. The southbound traffic approaching 16th Street did not have adequate storage for the southbound to eastbound movement; therefore, the eastbound turn lane was extended to accommodate current and future traffic. Finally, the southern portion of the project included a rural-to-urban, cross-sectional conversion. Due to the conversion, curb & gutter, along with a storm sewer system and wet detention basin, were designed and constructed.

Sidewalks and crosswalks were designed and installed from 16th Street to Washington Avenue to provide pedestrian access to not only J. I. Case High School, but also to the surrounding residential neighborhood.

The Pike River crossing was the last non-fish passageway within the Village of Mount Pleasant limits. The Oakes Road reconstruction project replaced the three existing steel plate culverts with two pre-cast 12’x7’ and 10’x8’ concrete box culverts and provided fish passage for future migrating salmon and other aquatic species. In coordination with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, natural light tunnels were designed and constructed to aid in the fish passage.

In June 2023, raSmith, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), Village of Mount Pleasant, and Racine Case High School celebrated the dedication of a new sign created by students that explains the environmental benefits of the new culverts at Oakes Road. Staff from raSmith and the WDNR worked with students and staff in the school’s Academies program. It was a fun, creative way to teach the class (and now the public with the sign) about the Oakes Road project and how it supports the environment.

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