Hartford Road Reconstruction

Slinger, WI

Project Overview

Hartford Road runs east/west in the Village of Slinger and connects north/south traffic from Kettle Moraine Drive and Kettle Moraine Road to a number of residential subdivisions, industrial facilities and the wastewater treatment plant. The project includes a little over a one-mile stretch of roadway extending from just east of the James Street intersection to the railroad crossing on Hilldale Drive. The roadway had failed in multiple sections and an improved stormwater management plan had to alleviate flooding in adjacent upstream areas.

Multiple rehabilitation methods are incorporated into the roadway design based on varying existing cross-sections. Stormwater mitigation is also provided with a combination of storm sewer, ditching, grading, bioswales and bio basin. James Street includes relayed water main and sanitary sewer, plus traffic calming features for public safety.

A little over a half-mile stretch of existing rural roadway along Hartford Road and Hilldale Drive will be pulverized and relayed with new curb and gutter. Lanes will be widened from 11 feet to 13 feet. The remaining urban roadway will be rehabilitated using a combination of full depth mill and overlay and full reconstruction. Stormwater is being rerouted to help with capacity issues and keep public utilities in the right of way.

The existing rural section will use a combination of stormwater mitigation techniques to add capacity and improve quality. Acquired right of way from a local manufacturing plant will hold a basin for additional capacity and quality. The newly installed bioswales and basin will incorporate native vegetation along with engineered soils to improve quality.

To increase pedestrian safety, public outreach was used to determine the pedestrian travel configuration, which included new sidewalk and grading of the terrace for future sidewalk or path options.

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