Titletown District Mixed-Use Development

Green Bay, WI

Project Overview

The $130 million Titletown District development is 35 acres just west of Lambeau Field. raSmith was selected for this iconic project based on our strong working relationships with the Green Bay Packers and the geotechnical consultant on the nearby Cabela’s project, our redevelopment experience, and our ability to provide all civil site-related services.

Important to the client in Phase 1 was raSmith’s ability to design the site based on an outline of the development without knowing the exact shape or arrangement of future structures/buildings. The goal was to avoid having to remove and replace infrastructure installed in Phase 1 for the development of Phase 2. Site challenges included undersized utilities (particularly storm sewer), low cover, high groundwater, and stormwater management that required underground detention. raSmith also addressed public storm sewer under buildings and various utilities in small corridors and ensured there were no impacts on footings and foundations for future buildings.

In Phase 2, the site plan was discovered to be very different than what was originally planned and designed in Phase 1. Our team’s flexibility with site changes enabled us to look at the original design to determine what portions would have to be modified to accommodate changes in the size and placement of some structures. Additional coordination was necessary with the architect to identify locations where utilities enter and exit various buildings and structures. For the most part, our design team was able to reuse existing infrastructure with minimal redesign.

raSmith is committed to providing design solutions and technical information that enables Titletown Development to accomplish its goals and vision for this signature development project.

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