Water Resources

Floodplain, stormwater, and waterway & wetland permitting issues often deserve the specialized experience of raSmith’s water resource engineers. Our client’s surface water resource needs are met with innovative approaches and designs, based on a thorough understanding of hydrology, hydraulics, and ecological systems. We face regulatory requirements with careful attention honed by years of successful surface water solutions. Our water resources engineers develop sustainable solutions for landowners, municipalities, county agencies, sewerage districts, consulting firms, and private businesses.

Water Resources Services

  1. Bridge hydraulics and sizing
  2. Dam inspections and failure analysis
  3. Dam modifications and dam removals
  4. FEMA map revisions
  5. Flood management planning and design
  6. Floodplain studies and analysis; zoning and permitting
  7. Stormwater best management practices (BMPs) designs/inspections
  8. Stormwater permit compliance
  9. Stormwater system analysis and design
  10. Stream and channel modifications
  11. Streambank stabilization
  12. Urban stormwater flood mitigation
  13. Waterway permitting
  14. Wetland permitting