Construction Inspection/Management

raSmith’s construction inspection and construction management expertise extends from deep sewers to local roads, state highways and residential subdivisions. Our resident engineers, construction managers and inspectors bring their breadth of know-how and foresight to every project. We view a project through the owner’s eyes and consider details that are critical to a successful outcome. We’re more than service providers for a specific project; we’re our client’s eyes and ears. Importantly, we communicate regularly with the public and other project stakeholders and work with the contractor toward completing the project on time and within budget.

Construction Inspection/Management Services

  1. Automated reporting
  2. Certified environmental control inspection
  3. Change order management
  4. Construction oversight
  5. GPS data collection
  6. Inspection
  7. Project administration
  8. Project closeouts
  9. Project management
  10. Public relations
  11. Quality verifications
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