Connected Vehicle Technology Aims to Improve Traffic Operations, Increase Safety

You’ve probably heard a lot about autonomous vehicles, but how much do you know about connected vehicle (CV) technology and how it will help us be safer drivers? I learned quite a bit recently about this evolving technology. In short, CV technology allows vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, traffic signals, crosswalks and more. This […]

With spring almost here, it’s time to have raSmith delineate your project’s wetlands!

Spring is drawing near in Wisconsin as temperatures rise, snow melts and frogs awake from their winter nap. Time to think wetlands! Planning a project this year? If you believe there could be wetlands on your property, a wetland delineation may be required as part of the planning process. Contact the wetlands ecologists at raSmith […]

Fiber Optic Traffic Lights: The Wave of the Future?

Over the past 20 years, many municipalities and government agencies have converted their incandescent traffic signal heads to LED to save on energy and maintenance costs. A recent article published in the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Journal discusses the feasibility of another type of traffic light technology that could further reduce energy usage, liability […]

Erosion Control 101: How to Reduce Sediment Loss on Construction Sites

Sediment loadings take a toll on our waterways. While there are a variety of sources that contribute to these loadings, a construction site is a source that can be contained with the proper measures. Construction sites are constantly evolving throughout a project’s road to completion. The need for various erosion control measures can also evolve […]

Traversing Wetlands in Every Season

As we begin to approach the end of the field season once again, the wetland scientists at raSmith would like to provide you with some thoughtful reminders about growing season wetland determinations/delineations and non-growing season wetland reconnaissance. Growing Season Timing is Key Wetland determinations/delineations must be completed during the growing season, which is typically mid-April […]