Woodleaf Reserve Subdivision

Pewaukee, WI

Project Overview

Woodleaf Reserve subdivision is located on 150 acres comprised of wetlands, floodplain, and shoreland zoning in a quiet community. This development was designed and constructed in five phases spanning 10 years.

To bring this 180-lot residential project to life, the site design team at raSmith worked with Homes by Towne Wisconsin during Phases 1-3 and Kaerek Homes Inc. and Korndoerfer Homes for Phases 4-5. Our services included: master planning, civil engineering, land surveying, wetland delineation, stormwater management, sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, subdivision platting, mass grading, erosion control, public streets, construction staking, and as-built documentation. Additionally, this project required submittals to City, County, and State review agencies for approval, including wetland/waterway permitting.

Project Gallery