WIS 28 and County EE Roundabout

Sheboygan Falls, WI

Project Overview

The two-way, stop-controlled intersection at WIS 28 and County EE was experiencing significant safety and operational issues. The severely skewed angle of the intersection and the high-speed approaches were contributing to the crashes. A single-lane roundabout was identified as the preferred solution to address the problems at the intersection.

raSmith provided transportation engineering services for the roundabout design. Several alternative designs were developed to best balance the impacts to nearby wetlands, large 50-foot fill slopes, adjacent residential and commercial properties, and the bridge over the Onion River. The final design solution incorporated a slight oval-shaped roundabout design to help address the skewed intersection while still limiting impacts, reducing construction costs, and enhancing safety. The roundabout was designed to accommodate oversized / overweight (OSOW) vehicles along WIS 28.

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