Metreau Apartments

Green Bay, WI

Project Overview

Located on the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Metreau Apartments are a luxury 107-unit mid-rise complex. The complex, which opened in 2016, is located at East Walnut and North Washington Streets. Rising eight stories, the complex features seven stories of load-bearing cold-formed wall, joist and truss framing over a precast concrete podium slab at the second floor.

The use of cold-formed steel framing and the pre-fabrication of wall and floor panels above the podium level saved money on construction materials and labor, improved quality and reduced job site waste. The CFS design saved approximately $250,000 in construction costs versus using post-tensioned concrete. The prefabricated walls and flooring systems were built by an eight-man crew in 14 weeks and the building was enclosed in 20 weeks. Pre-fabrication of cold-formed materials made efficient use of materials and significantly compressed the construction schedule.

The cold-formed steel structure features hanging and inset balconies throughout, along with set-back terraces at the penthouse level. Built-in fall arrest anchors were designed into the roof trusses and terrace floor joists to support scaffolding and life-safety lines for maintenance crews. The lateral bracing design integrated cold-formed shear walls with precast concrete shear walls at the stair and elevator cores.

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