Clover Lane & Schoolway Bridge Replacements

Greendale, WI

Project Overview

Two bridges within the Village of Greendale, Wis., required complete replacements. As a trusted advisor and also the Village’s municipal engineer, raSmith was called on to provide expertise for the new designs.

To determine the best type of replacements for the current 30-foot-long two-span concrete structures, our engineers performed a structure alternative evaluation with a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. The assessment considered key factors such as costs (initial and future), project schedule, travel disruption and natural resources impacts. After considering the alternatives and their costs and benefits, the Village proceeded with slab-span bridge structures. The new bridges create a more natural path for water flow for Dale Creek.

Greendale is a designated National Historic Landmark and, with its pathways, green space, historic buildings and unique homes, is a model of a planned community. Therefore, our team made sure the aesthetics of the new bridges look similar to existing structures throughout the Village. The new structurally sound—and aesthetically pleasing—bridges are designed to last 75-plus years.

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