Byrne Pond

Fitchburg, WI

Project Overview

Byrnewood neighborhood is a private development that was platted in 1988. As a part of the development, Byrne Pond was constructed and dedicated to the City of Fitchburg for stormwater management purposes. Byrne Pond was originally designed to mitigate the peak flow rates from the neighborhood runoff; however, the design did not address water quality or stormwater runoff volume.

raSmith was retained by the City of Fitchburg to assist with public involvement and design services to provide water quality treatment and infiltration of stormwater before sending it downstream. The design focused on improving water quality (reduced total suspended solids, nutrients, oil, and grease), reducing the amount of water going downstream by increasing infiltration and evapotranspiration, capturing trash and litter, and reducing erosive discharge velocities. To accomplish this, the original Byrne Pond was modified by removing a concrete flume, and the basin was retrofit with native vegetation, engineered soils, sediment capture areas, and bioretention. raSmith assisted the City with a series of public involvement meetings to obtain feedback and to involve stakeholders with the design. After the public involvement was complete, raSmith prepared construction documents for the proposed improvements and assisted with construction observation.

The City of Fitchburg had a specified budget from their stormwater utility fund, Wisconsin DNR, and Dane County. The Byrne Pond retrofit had been previously bid twice; however, bids came back above available funding. raSmith provided cost-effective designs that optimized the treatment of stormwater. The project went to bid, and bids came back under budget. The project was built in the summer of 2020.

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