Amazon Delivery Station

Riverside, CA

Project Overview

Last-mile delivery stations are one of six different types of fulfillment centers that are integral to Amazon providing fast, everyday shipping to their customers. At these local terminals, orders are received from Amazon’s fulfillment centers and prepared for last-mile delivery to customers.

raSmith’s site design team has provided Amazon with multi-disciplinary services since 2019. To date our West Coast and Midwest offices have worked on 38 new delivery stations across the United States. Our site planners, site designers, civil engineers, landscape architects, development managers and surveyors have provided a variety of services depending on the specific needs of each development project.

Services provided include, but are not limited to, site investigation reports, site planning, due diligence, civil engineering (grading, utilities, water quality features, and erosion control), off-site public street improvement plans, landscape architecture, municipal approvals/permitting, surveying, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, and Storm Water Management Plans.

The site design team at raSmith works directly with Amazon and the architects involved with each project to coordinate all aspects of a site development project, inclusive of site challenges, permitting, approvals, entitlements, project schedules, and budget.

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