Erosion Control 101: How to Reduce Sediment Loss on Construction Sites

Sediment loadings take a toll on our waterways. While there are a variety of sources that contribute to these loadings, a construction site is a source that can be contained with the proper measures. Construction sites are constantly evolving throughout a project’s road to completion. The need for various erosion control measures can also evolve […]

Traversing Wetlands in Every Season

As we begin to approach the end of the field season once again, the wetland scientists at raSmith would like to provide you with some thoughtful reminders about growing season wetland determinations/delineations and non-growing season wetland reconnaissance. Growing Season Timing is Key Wetland determinations/delineations must be completed during the growing season, which is typically mid-April […]

Governor Walker Signs Wetlands Bill March 28, 2018

Governor Scott Walker signed a wetlands bill on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, the highlights of which are noted below. For a specific explanation of how this legislation impacts your project, and what you need to do, please reach out to one of raSmith’s WDNR Assured Wetland Delineators identified at the end of this article. Key […]

Act Now! April 16 Deadline Approaches for WDNR Urban Nonpoint & Stormwater Construction Grants

Don’t miss out on the April 16 (postmarked) application deadline for 2019 construction projects under the Urban Nonpoint Source (UNPS) and Stormwater Construction Grant Program. Our expanded water resources team at raSmith now offers an even greater depth of experience in grant writing and watershed planning/design/construction to help you put together a competitive grant application. […]

Submit Stewardship, LAWCON and RTP Applications that Are Complete, Clear and Well-Documented

With a May 1 grant application deadline right around the corner, I spoke to Jennifer Gihring, grant manager at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), to get her best advice for local units of government interested in applying for the 2018 Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Local Assistance Grant Program, the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund […]