raSmith’s Structural Engineers Provide Design Solutions for Projects Across the U.S.

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raSmith’s structural engineering division provides design solutions for a variety of projects across the U.S. including buildings, cold-formed steel engineering, parking ramps, concrete restoration, bridges, retaining walls, and wastewater treatment plants, among others. Our team of 30 engineers, cold-formed steel designers, and BIM specialists work on projects in education, hospitality, government, health care, industrial, office, residential, mixed-use, and senior living.

raSmith's structural engineers provide design solutions for a variety of projects in the private and public sectors, including buildings, cold-formed steel engineering, parking ramps, concrete restoration, bridges, retaining walls, and wastewater treatment plants, among others.

We pride ourselves in our diverse and comprehensive structural engineering knowledge and project design experience. Our clients value our ability to execute any and all types of structural projects, large or small.

At raSmith we emphasize the importance of listening to our clients, understanding the value we can provide to their projects, and then delivering that value. The Structural Services Division is a large and experienced group of structural engineers and design professionals with well-rounded expertise.

We take a tailored approach to understand each client's needs and developing customized, practical solutions. When presented with a challenge, the answer is never no or we can't do that. We take the time to think about the challenge a little differently and present options to solve those challenges.

We are comfortable working under condensed schedules and do what it takes to meet our clients' deadlines. We take time to get to know and develop lasting relationships with our clients. Building these relationships helps us understand how best we can meet our clients' needs on any given project and assure a successful project outcome.

Our staff is licensed throughout the U.S. and has completed hundreds of projects nationwide. The structural engineers at raSmith work with general contractors, architects, and developers on projects in education, hospitality, government, health care, industrial, office, residential, mixed use, and senior living. Our expertise encompasses all structural materials and structural systems. We also have significant experience with vibrations, blast design, seismic design, and finite element modeling of complex structures.

Our reputation for providing creativity beyond engineering is evidenced in our project designs and our ability to solve even the most complex challenges in a simplified, cost-effective manner. raSmith has niche expertise in cold-formed steel engineering, which is a strong complement to our building design services.

We are one of the largest cold-formed steel engineering teams in the nation. At raSmith we have a group of 18 designers and engineers who are dedicated exclusively to cold-formed steel design work. We also have members of our staff that not only do engineering but have been in the industry for anywhere from 25 to 40 years. Different members of our senior staff sit on various different code committees and other cold-formed specific engineering organizations, so we really do more than just design and engineer cold-formed steel.

We really try to immerse ourselves within the cold-formed steel industry to make sure we are helping to shape and drive the direction of cold-formed steel framing. Structural engineering has been a core service at raSmith since 2013. Our staff size has grown over the last several years to a team of about 30 structural engineers, cold-formed steel designers, and BIM specialists.

While we are all generalists, many of our staff have niche expertise in specific areas. We have an expert for any structural challenge that comes our way. Our team’s diverse skill set enables us to solve problems and even the most complex projects. We hire engineers at entry, mid, and senior levels to best meet our clients' needs that vary from one client and project to the next.

Our experienced engineers work with and mentor our younger staff on a daily basis. We help our staff create a career path that allows them to grow personally and professionally. We provide training in areas that include technical knowledge, project management, and client development.

raSmith has licensed engineers who work remotely across the US. I enjoy working remotely because I get to work at the company I want to work at, with the people I want to be working with and doing what I want to be doing in structural engineering without having to move to a different state to do it. Working remotely, technology has made it possible for me to interact with my co-workers on a daily basis. Whether I'm chatting or on video calls or webinars with my co-workers and supervisors. Plus, there's at least once or twice a year that I fly up and get some face time in the office, do some social interactions, events outside of the office. So, communication is pretty easy, even as a remote employee.

raSmith's building design and cold-formed practice groups provide our clients with unparalleled customer service, technical knowledge, and out-of-the-box problem solving. We focus on the unique needs of each client and provide a customized approach to projects throughout the U.S.

As trusted advisors, we partner with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs, uncover the best solutions, and deliver quality and responsiveness.