raSmith's Irvine Office is Thriving

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At raSmith's office in Irvine, California, there's always an exciting project moving from concept to completion! Based on our growth, we're looking to add all levels of staff in civil engineering, site design, and land surveying.

raSmith's office in Irvine, California, is thriving! There's always an exciting project moving from concept to completion. Based on our growth, we're looking to add all levels of staff in civil engineering, site design, and land surveying.

raSmith provides multidisciplinary civil engineering and land surveying services nationwide. Our Irvine team works with clients throughout the Western United States and has the qualifications and experience to complete projects of any type or size, including retail/commercial, industrial, mixed use, hospitality, entertainment, and others. From internships to our rotational program, the team is committed to recruiting, mentoring, and helping people grow in their careers and achieve their best.

It's important to us to bring in talented people. Some go through our rotational program. From that rotational program, we've brought in some various levels of design experience staff as well. But each one of those, whether it's been the rotational program or entry level designers, they've been able to grow and now have become senior engineers, project engineers, and project managers.

We have a very successful internship program. Three of the last interns that we've had, we've actually extended full time offers before they graduate, and they accepted.

I started off as an intern and I was lucky enough to get offered the full-time job. I've definitely received a lot of mentorship and guidance from the senior staff.

Leading younger staff has been a great opportunity that has been presented to me. Having young, talented individuals come through these doors. Seeing where they start, and the training that we do throughout their early years, and then really seeing when the light clicks for them is amazing. And as, you know, a project manager and as a leader, it lets me know that I'm doing something right and that our team is doing something right, collectively.

At raSmith, people are the heart of our success.

I am passionate about civil engineering because I enjoy being part of a team. To plan, to design, to work out issues, the best part is seeing our design plans being constructed in real life.

Our Irvine office has a family-friendly, team-oriented culture where everyone works hard together and values one another.

We have a great, dedicated staff. It's been important for us to have a good work-life balance as well. Teaching that, you know, how do I take care of this project and not overcommit? To I’ve got a family and I've got a life outside of work. It's important for us to make that a priority. And it's not just about the work. So, we have a good work life balance, which has been very important to the staff.

Do you enjoy working on interesting projects, thrive in a team environment, and want to advance in your career? If so, raSmith may have the perfect opportunity for you. Visit our website to explore all of our open positions.