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Client Testimonials

At raSmith we focus on the unique needs of each client and provide a customized approach to projects. As trusted advisors, we partner with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs, uncover the best solutions and deliver quality and responsiveness.

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"raSmith is the go-to firm for engineering, surveying, and entitlement services. Based on my 20 years of experience working with the firm, they are truly first in class. My working relationship with Matt Kocourek is a partnership. I rely on him to do what he does best, and that is help us complete all of the tasks necessary for a successful project. All of the staff we have worked with at raSmith are trusted advisors and experts at what they do."

Dan Cohen - President
Mid-America Real Estate - Wisconsin, L.L.C.

"Working with raSmith has been fantastic. They have the expertise that we need in-house. I like working with Paul McIlheran as a project manager; he’s great. Paul and his team have successfully navigated some very challenging aspects of our projects such as meeting stormwater management requirements and resolving traffic design issues. raSmith does a great job of digging deep to resolve challenges. I refer raSmith to others because I know that when I get a set of plans from them, I won’t have to be concerned about errors or problems with the design."

Jim Arneson, P.E. - President
FoxArneson, Inc.

“I have been working with raSmith for 30 years. I like raSmith because I appreciate how they do business. They understand how best to work with us and ask questions if something is out of the norm. Paul McIlheran and his team approach our projects in an almost unequivocal manner by proactively thinking through every aspect of a project. We work well together to find solutions, answer questions, and identify alternatives that are financially viable.”

Mark Lake, AICP - President
Wangard Partners, Inc.

"I appreciate the flexibility, resilience, professionalism, organization, and discipline that Dave Mortensen and the raSmith team demonstrated on our reclamation redevelopment project. raSmith was proactive in working with the municipality to meet their evolving requirements, developing solutions to design challenges, and providing project management that included coordinating efforts with the geotechnical and aquatic engineering firms. This project required a highly iterative design process that Dave and his team managed very well."

Hans Dawson - Mine Engineer
Lannon Stone Products

"Marquette University considers raSmith a trusted partner. Their civil engineering and landscape architectural staff collaborate very well with our staff. The team helps us resolve project challenges related to stormwater management, accessibility, pedestrian safety, site maintenance, local government approvals, and more. I appreciate that Dave Mortensen and Tom Mortensen listen to our needs, are very open and willing to collaborate, and present solutions that best meet our needs. raSmith is an extension of Marquette and represents us very well. Our relationship with raSmith is more than the projects we work on. We value our partnership with raSmith."

Christopher Gluesing, AIA - Senior Director, Planning and Project Delivery Facilities Planning & Management
Marquette University

“It has truly been a joy to work with Dave Mortensen and Tom Mortensen on the transformation to make Bradford Beach America's most accessible beach and the upcoming Moss Universal Park project. Dave and Tom understand our mission to create spaces focused on inclusivity and accessibility for all. You don’t often run into people who want to do more than what is required. It’s nice to challenge each other on what it looks like to be better. The fact that raSmith answered that call, that’s partnership. I absolutely would refer raSmith to others because of their professionalism and thoroughness. We never have to go back to the table because raSmith missed something.”

Damian Buchman - Founder & CEO
The Ability Center

"I began working with Dave Mortensen when I was new in my current position at Wauwatosa School District. He helped me navigate the project management intricacies of a couple of playground projects, a new bus drop-off lane, and a landscape renovation. Dave has been very helpful in working with me to meet the City of Wauwatosa’s requirements for stormwater management and building inspection. I appreciate Dave’s responsiveness and enjoy working with him."

Kevin Heus - Operations Coordinator
Wauwatosa School District

"If someone asks me what consultant they should use, I strongly encourage them to consider raSmith because the staff are very positive and knowledgeable. The City of Brookfield has worked with raSmith on a variety of park development, trail development, and facility projects including Hidden Lakes Park, Krueger Pickleball, and several others. The raSmith team is very professional and provides great planning and thought processes. We have collaborated and brainstormed to solve project challenges with raSmith staff, allowing us to find solutions that make sense for all project stakeholders."

John Kelliher -Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
City of Brookfield

"I enjoy working with Dave Mortensen because he is flexible, forward thinking, and proactive. He looks at a project conceptually and digs into the local requirements that most people wouldn’t think of. Dave is always very responsive in working through challenges and providing solutions. He relates well to the project’s owner, general contractor, and construction manager. There are no surprises when I am working with Dave. "

Chris Coggins - Project Executive
VJS Construction Services, Inc.

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