Testimonials: Cold-Formed Steel

Client Testimonials

At raSmith we focus on the unique needs of each client and provide a customized approach to projects. As trusted advisors, we partner with clients and stakeholders to understand their needs, uncover the best solutions and deliver quality and responsiveness.

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"I'm very happy to be working with raSmith. They are a good member to have on your team, and I would suggest anybody looking for a cold-formed engineer to reach out to Pat (Hainault) and the raSmith team."

David Deuschle
Director of Pre-Construction
All Steel Mid Rise

“We would not use anyone other than raSmith. Pat (Ford) explains everything in layman's terms. He explains it in a way that is easy to understand and convey to the owners. He has helped us in so many instances with everything related to cold-formed steel engineering. When we want something done and done correctly, we turn to raSmith.”

Tony Adinolfe, President
Kevin Carlin, Project Manager
Gypsum System

“Based on his experience and open-mindedness, Pat (Ford) is able to look at different ways to determine the best overall structure for a cold-formed metal framing project. His ability to understand the entire structure from the foundation up really helps us pinpoint the most efficient design above the foundation.”

Tim Peshek
Vice President of Estimating and Sales
RG Construction Services

“I refer to Pat Hainault as the world’s most casual engineer, which is a compliment because a lot of engineers get nervous quickly. I appreciate Pat’s view that everything is not a problem; it’s a potential solution. Also, Pat has an incredibly wide knowledge base. I know I can call him up and not have to wonder if he’s the right engineer for the project. raSmith is very responsive, and there’s a quick turnaround on projects.”

Michael Spagnolli, Antunovich Associates

“I have never had to work with any other engineer for cold-formed drawings because my experiences using raSmith have always been exceptional. Pat Ford and his staff have been professional, responsive, and punctual. Even in unusual or challenging circumstances, the raSmith team has provided innovative solutions to potential problems.”

Eric Danko, Project Manager
Rycon Construction

“I’ve worked with Pat Hainault, and he’s a pro. His skill is technical knowledge, but he’s also very articulate and can communicate the meaning of what he is doing or what needs to be done. Pat will work with a company to determine why a product or a system isn’t meeting certain standards and requirements. In a manufacturing setting, for example, the machine that makes a framing product has to meet certain requirements related to strength of the steel, fitness, and the correct design profile. Pat provides the design analysis and verifications, followed by pulling together the entire technical submittal package, which can be quite complex.”

Larry Williams, Executive Director
SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association)

“I would describe my working relationship with Pat Ford as being very, very good. For 30 years he has helped find solutions to all sorts of problems we’ve had. Pat is receptive to finding creative solutions to any ideas my team and I come up with as far as how we want to build something. I have found the same to be true at raSmith.”

John Bailey, Managing Director
Marek Brothers Systems Inc.

“My working relationship with Alyssa is wonderful. She listens to what we want to do and tries to make our dreams come true if she possibly can. If she can't, she asks questions about what we would like to do within the realm of what she can make happen. I've worked for 20+ years with a lot of metal framing engineers, and Alyssa is one of the best.”

Jeff Albright, Project Manager
Southmost Drywall

“I refer Pat (Ford) and raSmith for cold-formed metal framed, super-structure projects. Pat is probably the best full-service engineer of record for these types of projects. I refer raSmith first and foremost to architects, building designers, developers, and whoever may be soliciting us for cold-formed metal framed structures.”

Tim Peshek
Vice President of Estimating and Sales
RG Construction Services

“I have a great deal of respect for Pat’s (Ford) knowledge as an engineer in general, but in particular, cold-formed steel engineering. He is one of the leading technical experts in the cold-formed steel framing industry. Pat thinks creatively; he thinks outside the box. He has a unique ability to be creative as well as determine if something is technically feasible. This combination is something that is difficult to find in the world today.”

Larry Williams, Executive Director
SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association)

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