Development Management – Real Estate

Our development management, real estate-minded professionals guide property owners and land developers who are embarking on a national rollout, new franchise, or an individual land development project. We provide a menu of services that includes due diligence, zoning and permitting, entitlement, civil engineering, structural engineering and construction administration to help turn their ideas into reality. The unique expertise that raSmith brings to our clients can be found in the level of detail provided in our site investigation reports; success rate in navigating projects through the site entitlement process; and hiring and managing of subconsultant teams. raSmith offers comprehensive land development services with a 40+ year history of working on projects across the U.S.

Development Management – Real Estate Services

  1. Due diligence investigations
  2. Entitlements
  3. National rollout programs
  4. Permit tracking
  5. Project scheduling
  6. Site investigation reports
  7. Subconsultant management
  8. Utility coordination
  9. Zoning negotiation/approvals

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