Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Service Overview

raSmith offers an array of sanitary sewer services to support asset management, evaluation and rehabilitation of your sanitary sewer collection system. Our holistic approach looks at both public and private infrastructure. raSmith owns and operates investigative tools that allow us to be responsive and move quickly to investigate and analyze your collection system. Our purchase and use of cellular modems for data transmission enables us to offer portable flow monitoring services outside of our geographic area. Working one on one with clients, we think outside the box to provide practical, cost-effective solutions. Our built-in efficiencies and experience have allowed us to carefully evaluate all alternatives and right size design solutions within our clients’ budgetary constraints.


Service Features

  • Home inspections
  • Manhole and structure inspection
  • Private lateral dye injection testing
  • Private lateral soaker hose testing
  • Sanitary sewer dye water flooding
  • Sanitary sewer evaluation studies (SSES)
  • Sanitary sewer flow measurement
  • Sanitary sewer system inventory
  • Sanitary sewer system smoke testing

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