WIS 164 Reconstruction

Washington County, WI

Project Overview

raSmith’s transportation engineers undertook a multi-year project in Washington County. This $13.3 million roadway rehabilitation project included reconstructing five segments of WIS 164 to enhance safety and mobility in the corridor. Regrading of ditches and side slopes improved drainage issues.

Bypass and right-turn lanes were constructed at intersections throughout the corridor, and an exclusive left-turn lane was added at County E for the heavy volume of WIS 164 northbound vehicles. Several intersections were reconstructed to address safety and operational concerns. Two intersections with WIS 164 were removed because they sat at notably skewed angles, providing drivers with poor visibility. To accommodate this change, the road was realigned and connected to an existing side road.

Left-turn lanes for travelers on Hubertus Road improved safety and increased the two-way stop capacity. A single-lane roundabout was constructed at the WIS 164 intersection with WIS 167, and WIS 164 was shifted 30 feet to the west at Pleasant Hill Road to significantly increase visibility.

Semi-trucks had a history of losing traction while going up the hill just north of Monches Road and either getting stuck or sliding down—or off the roadway or into another vehicle—during inclement weather. This hill was reduced by about 35 feet. Three additional hills were cut down to reduce the roadway’s steep grade and to improve visibility for drivers.

625,000 cubic yards of earth—or approximately 63,000 dump trucks’ worth of material—was excavated during construction. Some material was reused as roadway base, resulting in cost savings for taxpayers and an environmental benefit by not having to haul in as much virgin material from other locations.

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