Sauk County ADA-Compliant Curb Ramp Evaluation & Design

Sauk County, WI

Project Overview

raSmith’s engineers completed the first phase of PS&E documents for a pilot project with WisDOT’s Central Office and Southwest Region. This project involved the review of over 300 existing ramps and the design of approximately 325 curb ramps in Sauk County. The existing sidewalk curb ramps along WIS 23 and WIS 33 in Reedsburg, WIS 136 and WIS 154 in Rock Springs, and WIS 136 and WIS 113 in Baraboo were reviewed to determine which locations were missing a curb ramp; which locations have curb ramps present with no detectable warning field (truncated domes); and which curb ramps are present, but may have slopes that are too steep or narrow to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

This wealth of experience has allowed our engineers to create efficient workflows to evaluate, design, and model curb ramps for ADA compliance. It also gave our engineers an understanding of which ramps may not be able to be made fully ADA compliant within the scope of a perpetuation project and how to document technical infeasibility for these locations. Construction of the ramps will occur in two phases. Ramps that did not require real estate acquisition or are not adjacent to potentially historic properties were constructed in 2020. Ramps requiring real estate or that require additional environmental coordination will be constructed in 2024.

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