Regal Manor Lift Station Replacement

New Berlin, WI

Project Overview

The Regal Manor lift station serves a residential and commercial area in the south-central section of the City of New Berlin located at Sovereign Drive. The existing flooded-suction pumping station was installed in 1978 and had served its useful lifespan. The underground steel pumping chamber housed two dry-pit pumps, valves, and electrical equipment. Entry to the chamber was through a narrow elevator shaft, and it was difficult to remove the pump components from the chamber for service. In addition, the chamber was showing signs of corrosion and was classified as a confined space.

raSmith provided civil engineering and construction services for this project. The new duplex station includes 50 HP 1,100 gpm submersible pumps and a custom-built utility building. A new 10-foot-diameter precast concrete wet well was installed. The new submersible pumps work by pumping through two new discharge lines to the process piping inside the building. A submersible mixer was also installed in the wet well to assist in breaking up floatable solids. The new building houses the controls, telemetry, piping, valves and a flow meter. Emergency power for the lift station was provided by a new natural gas generator set located in a separate room. Construction was completed in August 2015.

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