Goldendale Road Sanitary Sewer and Water Main

Germantown, WI

Project Overview

The Village of Germantown is experiencing a large amount of development within the northwest region of the Village, requiring new sanitary sewer and water main to service the proposed and future developments. raSmith is working with Village planning staff to determine future land use and size the new infrastructure accordingly. At the project onset, raSmith completed an analysis of the region to determine the sanitary route that would best serve the largest area of development. The team reviewed GIS elevations, identified the location of wetlands, and utilized Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) methodology to appropriately size and design the sanitary sewer.

raSmith and the Village worked with property owners to develop and obtain necessary easements for the most desirable sanitary route. Since the region was not yet developed, the area was not within the MMSD or Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) service areas. raSmith and the Village worked together to amend the service areas.

The project scope consisted of 7,500 feet of 18-inch sanitary sewer and 7,700 feet of 16-inch water main along Goldendale Road, Holy Hill Road, and within private property. The project included the installation of sanitary sewer and water main across a railroad and within County Highway Y. Necessary permits for the construction were obtained from Wisconsin Southern Railroad, MMSD, Washington County, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Contractors were interviewed to aid in evaluating several construction methods including tunneling. Alternate bids were requested for different construction methods with open cut-through easement areas chosen as the most economical.

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